McGuire's Collision Specialties believes the true measure of quality is our customer's satisfaction.  When we complete a repair on a customer's vehicle, we ask them to fill out and return a Customer Satisfaction Comment Card, letting us know how we did.  The returned cards are then evaluated and posted in our lobby.  The following are samples of comments from some of those cards.

"I do not even know if I can put this into words but I feel to not try would be an injustice to you and your fine employees. As you recall my Dodge Ram 4X4 was damaged badly in an accident. The damage caused by several vehicles and a retaining wall was so severe that not even the frame on my truck could be saved. When I was told that my 4x4 was not going to be totaled, and that reconstruction of my Dodge was going to be done from a frame up condition, I was to say the least skeptical, so skeptical that I waited eight months to write this letter. However, I went with the program and let your company do its job without interference.

The results were wonderful; I couldn't have been more pleased with the outcome. Eight months and many miles later my Dodge Ram runs and drives better now than when it was new. If I could have it my way every vehicle that Dodge makes would be brought to you for final quality control inspection before passing it on to the customer. Your shop should be proud of the quality work that comes from your hard labor and effort.

There is no question in my mind that the team of employees your shop has put together is at the top of their class in the field of repair and reconstruction. Everyone right down the line has done an outstanding job and I cannot thank you enough."

"Thank you so much for making my truck repair such a pleasant experience. Everyone @ McGuire's deserves a pat on the back. I recommend you to everyone!

If I should ever need your services again, you're the one to trust!

Thanks a million."

"Repairs as a result of accident caused by other party. Their insurance company was difficult to work with. You helped by providing a driveable car until available to repair."

"You made the whole experience painless and easy! My car looks fantastic and was ready when I needed it to be.

You are great people to work with!"

"It's so nice to be treated like a person in this day and age. My car never looked better - thanks for the great wash!"

"We are very pleased with end product - also with your willingness to correct small things that arise. We feel the car is safe to drive because you were careful."

"I was extremely impressed with the friendly and efficient manner of service. You went the extra mile for us. I have found a great body shop & will refer you to everyone I know!

Super Service! Thank You!"